Pre-Need Planning

Woodbine Cemetery realizes that there are a lot of arrangements, decisions, and expenses necessary in your time of need. As a service to you and your loved ones, the City offers Pre-Need Planning, and a Payment Plan for grave spaces and services.

Pre-Paying also locks you into the prices that are currently set. As expenses are always on the rise, this can be a very helpful benefit for you and your loved ones.

Preplanned Grave Space

  • Regular Grave Space Fee - $450.00.
  • Pre-Pay Contract Agreements for Grave Spaces, are for 12 months at $37.50 per month.
  • The minimum down payment is $37.50.

Preplanned Services

  • Open/Close & Setup Fee - $300.00.
  • Pre-Pay Contract Agreements for the Open/Close and Setup, are for 12 months at $25.00 a month.
  • Pre-Paid services are available during normal working hours, Monday thru Friday.
  • On a Pre-Paid plan, services requested on a City Observed Holiday or a Saturday will have an additional fee.
  • The $300.00 credit that was paid in advance will be applied to the Holiday or Saturday service fee. The customer will be responsible for paying the difference.

After Hours Fee for Preplanned Services 

  • There is an additional $50.00 per hour fee for services that run through 12:00 p.m. or after 5:00 p.m.