Why does the Municipal Court want me to update my personal information?

The Artesia Municipal Court strives to keep the information in the court management system as accurate as possible. The purpose of updating information is to be able to have current contact information, as well as avoid possible complications from incorrect identifying information.

The Real ID Act has caused some frustration for us since many individuals are required to comply with legal name changes therefore making some of our data inaccurate. 

Occasionally we come across persons who are in our system two or more times, with different ways their name is spelled (Chavez vs.Chaves, De La Rosa vs. Delarosa), license numbers, dates of birth, or social security numbers. This can come from transposed numbers for identifying information on citations, misinformation from other sources, or simple human error. When this happens, it can cause defendants to have issues with their driver’s license, make it difficult to pay a fine, or even appear on a case.

This court has made it our policy to make every attempt to prevent misinformation being sent to other agencies, to avoid causing negative complications for the defendant.

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